Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bitch is the new black!



雖然我支持希拉莉,但奧巴馬氣勢如虹連下十一州後,早已放棄了對她的希望。其實奧巴馬聰明,有魅力,口才出眾,是個出色的政治家。缺點是言論空泛了一點,聽了半年,都是如出一撇的”Hope”, ”Change”, 和”Yes We Can”。

不過我最介意的,是奧巴馬支持者的狂熱程度。不知為何,每當見到群眾因為政治人物的個人魅力而如痴如醉時,心中會自然地響起警號。奧巴馬的形象,是太過救世主(messianic)了。請看看他網頁的設計(右圖):發光的奧巴馬普照美國大地,呼喚國民“I’m asking you to believe”。我覺得十分的不對勁,但願是個人的偏見。

然而,希拉莉暫時止了血,我又不覺得很高興。因為,雖然心裡希望希拉莉當選,但更希望的,是民主黨能重掌白宮。如今惡鬥過後,就算希拉莉能贏,也必定損失大量奧巴馬支持者和中間派的票,在十一月未必能鬥得過John McCain。


明天的報章,一定又會專題探討希拉莉的生命力為何如此頑強。我卻認為,這次她能挽狂瀾於既倒,最應該多謝的,是上星期 Tina Fey 於 Saturday Night Live 中那一句

“It’s not too late, Texas and Ohio. Get on board , bitch is the new black!”


  1. But wait, this is the whole quote:

    "I'm asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington...I'm asking you to believe in yours"

    How is that messianic at all? He is saying it's not about himself, but is asking his supporter to believe in their own abilities to change. This is not messianic, it's empowerment and leadership.

    I also don't see any evidence of empty rhetoric. Obama lists a ton of policy details on his website. If you read through his ideas on health care and foreign policy, he actually offers many new and fresh approaches to these issues.

  2. Shane: Thanks for your clarification. However, I didn’t mean to quote it out of context. To me, this particular message still carries a subtle religious undertone ("I'm asking you to believe. Not just in my ability…”

    On second thought, I was wrong to accuse Obama of empty rhetoric. I’m sure he has lots of insights and ideas, and so does Clinton. What I really mean is that, the Obama camp knows the theme of “hope and inspiration” draws people towards him, and sometimes they overplay their hand. Perhaps I am in the minority, but I believe politics and passion don’t mix very well in a clockwork democracy. Partisan politics is fierce and calculating, that’s how the founding fathers envisioned it.

    I actually like both candidates. I had hoped Obama would do better last Tuesday to prevent a protracted race. Now, please don’t give us a brokered convention in Denver!

    Thank you for visiting here.

  3. During peace time, I would give Obama a try, but given the current situation (economy, nation's reputation among the international community, and the potential "test water" attack from radicals due to change of the administration), Clinton is the safe bet. Personally I'm rooting for her.

    Share the same view and worries - the race is too tight and I'm a bit concerned that will benefit McCain. It just becomes more unpredictable now...

    The dream ticket shoulld be a sure win (technically), even Clinton hinted about it, but the question is Obama and Clinton are two different characters, as the debate heats up, it's just... impossible.

    Regarding VP pick for McCain, a rumor I personally heard from lobbyists... Secretary Rice... Hummmm.... well, perhaps the dream ticket is not totally impossible overall...

  4. 難得有候選人是我想選的,並不是為了避開更糟的那個,在「無選擇下」而選的。還要一下間來兩個,可喜也。


  5. ea: I think it’s going to be Obama. It is monumentally difficult for Clinton to overcome the delegate math at this point.

    Condi as VP? That would be a smart move. If Obama and Clinton do form a joint ticket, then four of them will almost cover all permutations of white/black/young/old/man/woman!

    However, with such acrimoniousness between the two campaigns, I think a dream ticket will be … a dream.



  6. 奇想確夠奇特。如果奇想發生在當年,布殊與麥堅,阿麥當先,唉。

  7. shiren :不過 McCain 先又未必贏到 Al Gore 喎。