Wednesday, February 14, 2007















  1. 那十項都只是初相戀的時候才會吧..

  2. 嗯... 說得很好, 結尾尤其一矢中的。

  3. abby:是啊.初相識是最甜蜜,得不到永遠最美好,真是千古不變定律

    mad dog:thanks, and happy new year to you!


  4. 農曆新年快樂! 祝豬年好事成雙, 財源滾滾, 想o個樣得o個樣! :)

  5. Hello have been through your blog in 2 days. Very good articles. Life is always difficult and reality is cruel too. The only thing is we need to make sure that we are happy, at least in most parts of our life. I move to London for a year and obviously, I agree some of your comments about HK. I now spend 2 times a year in HK, mainly to see my family. I stay in HK for 5 days each time. Somehow, I start to feel out of place. Not sure what happens??? Not that eager for me to move back to HK. Thats really sad..... Keep up your good work and good blog and I defintely come again here more often.

  6. stella: thanks for stopping by my little blog! Yes, happiness should be the only goal, but things are easier said than done. There are conflicts and confusions on our road to achieve happiness. Very often, we know what we want, but can't determine how to get that.

    Hope everything is swell in UK! London is on top of my "must-visit cities" list...

  7. Hello thanks for your reply. I quite like your things about people and their feelings. Thats very true. I am still learning and suddenly realise that I am not that great about people, the way to express my feelings and to show people that I do concern and care about them. But at least, I realised it finally, even though its a big setback to myself as I am always pround of the way I treat my friends.

    I hope everything is fine on your side too. Happy Chinese New Year!!! Be happy and healthy as always!!! London and the rest of Europe are quite an interesting place to stay and visit.