Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 Things I Hate about "The Lost Symbol"

I'm half way through Dan Brown's latest "masterpiece", and I absolutely loathe it:

#1 On the very first page :
All organizations in this novel exist......
All ritual, science, artwork and monuments in this novel are real......

Yeah, like it helps!

#2 It’s a story about prominent members of a secretive organization guarding an ancient mystery. Truly original.

#3 Mentioning iPhone or Blackberry every other three pages doesn’t make the novel any hipper.

#4 Professor Langdon is a celebrity now! I'm sure everyone in Dan Brown's latest novel has read Dan Brown's last novel.

#5 When running out of narrative device, cue flashback of long lecture or tedious conversation.

#6 (Excerpt 1) On ancient Kabbalah text Zohar:
Dutifully, Katherine studied the page. The translation was old-fashioned and very hard to read, but to her utter amazement the text and drawings clearly outlined the exact same universe heralded by modern super-string theory – a ten-dimensional universe of resonating strings…

You gotta be kidding me!

#7 People just love non-stop discussion of esoteric mystic symbols……even under life-threatening danger.

#8 (Excerpt 2)
Landgdon’s experience with the rotational symmetry of ambigrams had taught him that symbols sometimes had meanings from multiple angles. In this case, he realized there was indeed a way to view all seven symbols in a single language. “If we manipulated the hand slightly, the language will become consistent.” Eerily, the manipulation Langdon was about to perform was one that seemed to have been suggested by Peter’s captor already when he spoke the ancient Hermetic adage. As above, so below.

Translation : the symbols are upside down. (I'm not kidding)

#9 Repeated hallucination of a future blockbuster movie trailer, starring Tom Hanks dashing aimlessly among tourist attractions. Very disturbing.

#10 I can’t stop reading it.


  1. why are you wasting your time on it?!!! (pulling my hair!!!)



  2. i've read only his Da Vinci Code. Funny i had a feeling reading a movie script... and bingo soon after the film came out... Can't resist to think if that was his intention to write a film then a book... Sorry it was just my personal feeling. Hope his fans won't be angry aganist me :P